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Jul 20, 2013
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Jul 20, 2013

Easily approach this site to know Korean culture.

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16 LTI Korea [68] Jul 20, 2013
Here at LTI Korea, we run a wide range of programs to help Korean literature reach more readers across the globe. We provide grants to translators and publishers, support literature-related internationa...  
15 PPS [83] Jul 20, 2013
The Public Procurement Service(PPS) is the central procurement agency of the Korean government providing goods, services, public works, and information in the best possible manner to enable public o...  
14 KOPAC [123] Jul 20, 2013
The Korea Science Creativity Festival is well-kown for a variety of hands-on programs that audiences enjoy and experience science first-hand and communicate with scientists and engineers directly. Espe...  
13 templestay [95] image Jul 20, 2013
Templestay is a unique cultural program which lets you experience the life of Buddhist practitioners at traditional temples which preserve the 1700 year old history of Korean Buddhism. The whole world ...  
12 Where does the best tourist destinations that represent Korea? [166] Dec 08, 2012
Korea Tourism Organization Korea Tourism Top 100 '(, open a Web site, recently started the Korean domestic tourist to visit 100's ranking Vote Tourist 100 places based netizens choose a...  
11 The best 50th of Korean views [277] Jan 01, 2012
This is the best selected Korean views'50th. 1 보성 보성차밭 2 평창 삼양대관령목장 3 정읍 내장산국립공원 ...  
» Easily approach this site to know Korea. [208] Oct 13, 2011
Easily approach this site to know Korean culture.  
9 2NE1 & Girlsgeneration [263] May 14, 2011
Newly Hallyu , Korean wave  
8 History, Society and Language [18] Mar 01, 2011
The official international broadcasting station of South Korea KBS World Radio ( won’t disappoint. The station broadcasts news and information in eleven languages: Korean, English, ...  
7 Expat blogs [26] Mar 01, 2011
Videos say more than words. ( is run by a Canadian couple teaching English in Korea, recording glimpses of everyday life here. Martina and Simon fascinate with entert...  
6 Hallyu [28] Mar 01, 2011 ( is a home ground for Hallyu fans worldwide with 1.4 million visitors daily, most of them non-Koreans. It is the best organized K-pop website covering latest albums, music videos, ...  
5 Food [24] Mar 01, 2011
Korea Taste ( takes visitors on a comprehensive tour of Korean food. The Korean tour agency’s official food site features articles on concepts of Korean cuisine, food columns, informati...  
4 Culture/Travel [16] Mar 01, 2011
The official website for Korean tourism, Visit Korea ( proudly introduces essential information on culture, travel, festivals and even recipes. The site is a grea...  
3 How can you enjoy shopping in Korea [77] Apr 19, 2010
Korea is a shopper’s paradise! Luxury brands, the latest fashions, cosmetics, souvenirs & more. Check out our sales & discount calendar, so you’ll know the best time to shop. http://english.visitkorea...  
2 Died UN soldier's lady come back her husband's chest [23] image Apr 13, 2010
Lady's corpse came to her husband ceremony tomb after sixty years. Her husband was Australia captain during the 6·25war in Korea. He was died in Korea War and remained UN memory cemetery  
1 Welcome to Korea [43] Mar 21, 2010
Korea is Dynamic and safy country. You can easily get korean friends and special cultures. Following its miraculous development over the last 50 years, Korea is now a modernized vibrant nation that stil...  
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